Take 5: Artful Mini Golf, Sustainable Jewelry, a Puffer Case + More

Twice a month we’re inviting one of the Design Milk team members to share five personal favorites – an opportunity for each of us to reveal the sort of designs we love and appreciate in our own lives from a more personal perspective. Social Media Consultant Maivy Tran returns this week for our Take 5 series.

04.16.24 | By
Take 5:  Artful Mini Golf, Sustainable Jewelry, a Puffer Case + More

1. The Air Swipe Bag

If you haven’t seen this stunning bag on Instagram, where have you been? Coperni unveiled this piece ahead of their Fall/Winter ‘24 show and I’m always in awe when I see it. Made of NASA’s nanomaterial silica aerogel –the lightest solid on Earth! – the Air Swipe Bag is the biggest object ever made with this special material. Its composition? 1% glass, 99% air. Whaaat!

2. Mini Golf by Craig & Karl

This is my idea of what it should look like when mini golf and art come together! No matter your age, mini golf will always be fun, and this installation by Craig & Karl increases that fun tenfold. Bright, bold, and colorful, Mini Golf is an enjoyable and informal way for people to experience the duo’s artwork up close. The immersive and interactive installation is part of their Inside Out exhibition, on view through May 26th at the Beijing Times Art Museum. (And if you’re not on that side of the world, they have another iteration at London’s Canary Wharf!)

3. Henry Holland Studio breakfast collection

If you need a reason to eat breakfast, this collection is it. Even though it’s the most important meal of the day, I’ve never been big on it, however, for this collection, consider me a changed woman. Each piece looks like it would bring joy to every morning mealtime, but I especially love the Marble Egg Cup Plate and the Marble Toast Rack. This might be cheating (not really because *breakfast tacos*), but I’m already envisioning the toast rack as my go-to taco holder!

4. CLED jewelry

Earth Day should be every day, but whenever April rolls around, I find myself being more mindful of the things I buy and use. Recently, CLED flew onto my radar and I haven’t stopped thinking about their pieces! Beautiful and unique, each eco gem is handmade in Los Angeles, California, using discarded glass. The saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” couldn’t ring more true for this brand.

5. The Puffer Case

As someone who eternally runs cold (and by that I mean I’m the type of person who wears her puffer jackets indoors – during spring), this phone case by Urban Sophistication immediately won me over! Black will always be in, but the puffer detail gives it more visual interest. I know it’s already spring and we’re heading into warmer weather, but you can bet I would use this case year-round.

As the Social Media Consultant, Maivy is always dreaming up new ideas to curate content. If she's not glued to her phone, she’s probably at the dog park with her pup Koda, training at the gym, or trying the latest food/drink trends! See the BTS of her life over on Instagram.