Great Minds Think Alike as Kartell, Philippe Starck, and A.I. Team Up

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Great Minds Think Alike as Kartell, Philippe Starck, and A.I. Team Up

Known as a progressive Italian brand that doesn’t shy away from experimentation and innovation, Kartell is becoming increasingly daring as their endeavors expand. At the moment, that means stepping into the world of artificial intelligence. In collaboration with Philippe Starck, they’ve released environmentally friendly furniture designs that merge human creativity with AI, bolstered by advancements in materials and manufacturing.

“The company is committed to leveraging new technologies and materials to achieve ambitious sustainability goals and deliver eco-friendly products without compromising on quality or performance,” shares Lorenza Luti, Kartell’s Marketing and Retail Director.

A.I. Lounge Armchair by Philippe Starck

Among Kartell’s new releases lies the A.I. collection, the first series to be developed using artificial intelligence as a response to input from both Starck and the brand. From this trifecta of creative thinking, the A.I. Lounge and the A.I. Console have emerged, promising the continued use of sustainable materials, comfort, and futuristic design that guides Kartell.

Rather than replace the designer – a huge fear amongst creatives – artificial intelligence helps streamline the prototyping and planning phases, sticking to Starck’s vision and ensuring Kartell’s high quality and production standards are met. In this case, AI also contributes to calculating optimal material usage, a reduction in waste, and ultimately environmental sustainability.

The A.I. Lounge is a contemporary design with unique lines made entirely of recycled materials, specifically thermoplastic techno polymer with a mineral filler and soft touch treatment. The third collaborator, artificial intelligence, helps to work out structural requirements and functionality for Starck’s design and Kartell’s manufacturing process. As a bonus, the A.I. Lounge works both indoors and outdoors! Choose from a palette of white, black, green, and gray.

A.I. Console by Philippe Starck

Alongside the Lounge is the A.I. Console, displaying elegant minimalism with an adaptable aesthetic that’s suitable for both residential and commercial spaces. Its one legged design feels precarious yet fun – and it’s a nice addition to small areas, such as entries, vestibules, and hallways, that could benefit from a slimmer piece of furniture. The console is currently available in orange, white, gray, and a special black version. What makes it so special? It’s made from recycled Illy iPerEspresso coffee capsules!

H.H.H. Her Highest Highness by Philippe Starck

The third and final release from Starck is H.H.H. Her Highest Highness, a fresh take on the idea of a traditional throne. The chair’s design requires the user to assume an upright, royal-like posture while seated. Made using green polycarbonate material, one can responsibly rule any room they’re in.

TERESA by Ferruccio Laviani

We love a lamp with generous proportions, like TERESA by Ferruccio Laviani. With springtime on your mind, you may even mistake the lighting for an unfurling flower – we wouldn’t blame you. The innovative lamp signifies Kartell’s move further toward industrial molding techniques in their manufacturing. TERESA comes in five colors, four of which are available for immediate purchase.

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