Lean Into the Comfort of IVY, an Outdoor Collection by OUT

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Lean Into the Comfort of IVY, an Outdoor Collection by OUT

The volume of research that goes into ergonomics, an important aspect in furniture development and design, is not always obvious when looking at the finished product. For instance, the IVY outdoor collection, designed by Objekte Unserer Tage (OUT), perfected the comfort of its powder-coated steel tube design through the use of various ergonomic studies. Mechanical tests, test subjects, and extreme material trials were all part of IVY’s development until the team was satisfied with the result. IVY has been designed to while away the hours – something that’s virtually impossible if you’re not relaxed.

“I‘m currently building a house for my family on the outskirts of Berlin. So the idea behind the outdoor collection was not entirely altruistic, I have to admit… I haven‘t found anything that harmonizes with the architecture and is comfortable and robust at the same time,” shares OUT designer David Wendt. “I spent a long time modeling to find a look that embodies quiet luxury but doesn‘t come across as pretentious. For me, luxury is defined by creating products that not only embody timeless quality, but also claim to present something new.”

IVY’s structures are inspired by purist concrete architecture with an interaction between material density and sunlight to create beautiful shadow patterns throughout the day. It’s a nod to the stairwells, columns, and corridors that can be found throughout contemporary buildings, which might otherwise appear rather plain.

OUT continues its fascination with color as expression throughout the series, interacting with nature and the strong palette that exists in its flora. IVY is available in Sienna Red and Soft Pink, two bold options that interact with their surroundings effortlessly. Personally, it’s a favorite color combination of mine, and I would love to mix and match pieces to create the perfect outdoor set.

Wendt explains that the collection’s name isn’t a happenstance. “Ivy was a constant in the gardens of my childhood, symbolizing stability and confidence. In mythology, ivy is often depicted with exuberant celebrations, especially around the ancient god of wine, Dionysus, an image that underlines the character of the collection.”

The powder coat that covers IVY’s steel tubes is also used for facades and inherently durable, with less heat being absorbed from the sun and water dripping right off. Conveniently, the collection’s chairs are stackable, making them easy to store away in both private and commercial settings.

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