Lokum Tables by Sabine Marcelis Are Glass Jewelry for the Home

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Lokum Tables by Sabine Marcelis Are Glass Jewelry for the Home

When it comes to the furniture of a space, side tables often play a supporting role, never the lead character – that is, until world acclaimed Dutch artist and designer Sabine Marcelis unveiled her Lokum collection at this year’s Milan Design Week. Designed for Acerbis, part of the MDF Italia Group, the series of blown glass tables instantly captivate and sustain your eyes with its reflective qualities, like a crown jewel displayed under the spotlight in a museum. Marcelis, known for her poetic design language expressed through materials and sculptural forms, makes it clearly visible that skilled craftsmanship and expert design can take an everyday material like glass and turn it into a work of art.

The Lokum collection comprises low tables in either square and rectangular forms and in amber or smokey gray colors. While the tables are sleek and smooth to the touch, the handmade effect of the blown glass gives the tables their incredibly subtle variations. The glass is in a constant interplay with light and shadow as the natural light changes throughout the day or bodies move about in the room. Light also bounces off the tables and casts diffused washes of color onto the surrounding environment. Although one is enough to garner your attention, a string of Lokum tables thoughtfully arranged can transform any space into a dazzling spectacle of furniture as jewelry.

Lifestyle photos by Alberto Strada, all other photos by Lorenzo Cappellini Baio.

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