The Gardener’s Sofa Is Part Ergonomic Seating, Part Lattice

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The Gardener’s Sofa Is Part Ergonomic Seating, Part Lattice

Eva Schildt’s Gardener’s Sofa has the potential to become part of the greenery itself – wildflowers and vining plants find the lattice-like double-coated steel structure irresistible! The no-maintenance, ergonomic seating, designed for Design House Stockholm, quite literally becomes part of its surroundings in the form of a functional, growth-covered sculpture when left to nature’s will.

The outdoor sofa’s conception came long before we realized the deep connection we have with nature and the appreciation we gained for it during the pandemic. Schildt’s design impetus goes back to her time spent at Beckmans College of Design yearning for weather that was warmer than what Sweden was bringing – a longing manifested in the Gardener’s Sofa.

My degree work was all about integrating form and function of objects with nature. Gardener’s Sofa is all about truly relating to context. Plants can grow on this trellis-like bench and, in time, cover it completely. Isn’t that an attestation to culture slowly blending with nature?

This furniture piece is yet another example of today’s favorable mindset for indoor/outdoor living that proliferates within the home furnishings industry. The Gardener’s Sofa hopes to strengthen the link between the two environments while providing a modern take on a classic form that’s been present outdoors for centuries.

Schildt’s Gardener’s Sofa has been the recipient of a number of design awards including Young Swedish Design, as well as Excellent Swedish Design. The sofa is also present in the Design Collection at the National Museum in Stockholm.

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