The Ritmo Mundo Pegasus Watch Casing Is Harder Than Steel

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The Ritmo Mundo Pegasus Watch Casing Is Harder Than Steel

Beverly Hills watchmaker Ritmo Mundo recently celebrated their 22-year anniversary, and founder Ali Soltani says the brand is ready to start their second chapter. Since its 2002 founding in Milan, Italy, Ritmo Mundo’s catalog has largely showcased unabashedly flashy timepieces paired with solid mechanics, yet it lacked a singular defining timepiece to captivate horology enthusiasts and the public alike. That might change with the launch of their Pegasus Collection, a 44mm statement piece designed around a fully transparent lab-grown crystal glass case – a subversive see-thru design intended to command attention.

Designed to mimic real and extravagantly priced sapphire crystal, Ritmo Mundi’s 44mm cushion-shaped watch is instead constructed using a lab synthesized alternative. Rated at 7 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, the synthetic glass crystal is clear while being chip, scratch, and water resistant of 3ATM. Soltani’s design allows for an unencumbered view of every facet, with the skeleton watch timekeeping movement its lone function. Depending on dial ring color, the design toes the line between simplicity and simply seeking attention.

The synthetic sapphire crystal case clocks in at just 11.3mm thick.

Soltani says that Pegasus is the first of three new collections planned for 2024, with Ritmo Mundo archiving the majority of its preexisting product catalog.

“The Pegasus outlines the blueprint for Ritmo Mundo 2.0,” says the brand founder Ali Soltani. “It’s a daring and nuanced design for the discerning collector – an attainable luxury watch that is genuinely innovative and remarkably cool. This crystal-clear glass watch case design affirms our desire as a brand to push boundaries and set new standards – not just keeping pace with the future – but also shaping it.”

The watch’s clear cushion-shaped case is accentuated by crisp beveled edges with a mineral-reinforced glass mirror dial. The separate transparent crystal case back is affixed to the glass case and secured by stainless steel screws.

The Pegasus may be first and foremost a luxurious flex, but it’s also engineered to be of use while active. It beckons to be worn through the most aggressive of sweat sessions with its screw-down crown, corrosion- and mold-resistant sealed back cover, 48-hour power reserve, and a hypoallergenic silicone strap equipped with a 316L stainless steel buckle.

The Pegasus retails for $3,500 and is available in bejeweled Green Stone, Blue Stone, Red Stone, along with Orange, Black, Blue, White, and Green metal ring dial options.

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