F5: Brigette Romanek Loves Alaia Dresses, Soulful Books + More

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F5: Brigette Romanek Loves Alaia Dresses, Soulful Books + More

It’s been nearly eight years since award-winning interior designer Brigette Romanek first realized her calling. Her love for helping friends style their homes lit a fire, and in 2018, she decided to get serious, founding Romanek Design Studio in Los Angeles.

It’s a gift to do what you love, and if your work can bring joy to people in their daily lives in the process, it is triply rewarding.

Years of traveling, curating, reading, and experiencing nature and the world got Romanek off on the right foot, as did support from her mom. “She showed me how to work hard, do what feels right, and push through the hard and challenging times,” Romanek shares. But in terms of design, she’s self-taught, working on instinct to create spaces that feel alive without sacrificing the feeling of livability.

Brigette Romanek

Romanek’s star-studded client list includes Gwyneth Paltrow, Demi Moore, Joe Jonas, Christian Bale, Beyoncé, and Jay-Z, for whom she designs spaces that are inspirational yet still feel like home. Romanek Design Studio was recognized on the AD100 list in its founding year and each year since. Romanek herself has been recognized on ELLE Decor’s A-List and has received numerous other accolades as well. In October 2023, the interior designer released her first book, Livable Luxe, with Chronicle Chroma, giving readers a glimpse into her residential portfolio, along with a foreword by Gwyneth Paltrow.

Romanek has long harbored hopes of one day stepping into product design so that she can “be involved in every detail of designing your home from the front door to the backyard.” Her dream has taken flight with the release of a collection with Loloi Rugs. Comprising four rug collections, each handmade in India, alongside an assortment of throw pillows, each piece stays true to the designer’s luxury-meets-living style.

When not working, you can find Romanek singing around the house, meditating, taking a relaxing bath, or on the phone with her mom.

This week, Brigette Romanek joins us for Friday Five!

1. Azzedine Alaia Dresses

These dresses are like no other, it’s like slipping into a piece of art. The craftsmanship is flawless, every stitch telling a story of timeless femininity. They just exude confidence and elegance in a way that goes beyond mere clothing.

2. A Choice of Weapons by Gordon Parks

This book is like a shot of inspiration straight to the soul. It’s not just about Parks’ life; it’s about finding beauty and strength in every corner of the world, no matter how tough things get. Whenever I need a little push, I open the book, and suddenly, I’m reminded that there’s power in every one of us.

3. Modigliani’s Paintings + Sculptures

I’m especially drawn to the African-inspired influences in his work; it’s like he’s capturing the essence of a culture in every stroke. It’s just mesmerizing.

4. A Rose Quartz Sculpture

This was given to me by my friend. I’ve had the piece for years and it continues to bring me endless joy and a feeling of floating. It’s like a little piece of happiness sitting on my shelf.

5. Michaël Verheyden Brass Table Lamp

This is a personal favorite of mine because it just exudes timeless elegance. I love the finish, it’s that perfect combination of sophistication and simplicity that I always look for in a piece.


Work by Brigette Romanek:

The Dana Rug in collaboration with Loloi Rugs

Photo: Michael P.H. Clifford Photography

Photo: Michael P.H. Clifford Photography

Photo: Michael P.H. Clifford Photography

Photo: Yoshihiro Makino

Photo: Douglas Friedman

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